Can we get a tour of a house?
Yes of course, first you turn to the agent who gave you a brochure asking to arrange a view. Have you received any information in any other way please contact us by filling out the form under Contact. If you are in a hurry, call any of the phone numbers below. It’s also equally important to fill in the contact form before viewing.

What does the ownership look like?
You will own your house and the land by a Thai company. You also come through your company to own a part of our parent company which, in turn, owns the infrastructure (roads and water systems) as well as the large pool area. The ownership is as safe as it can be in Thailand. In addition to the purchase price, a legal and re-registration fee of the Thai company is added by approximately 70 000 THB. We will help you with this and other things, through our Thai law firm. The down payment will be done in Thailand and the final pay is paid to Sweden or to other European country from the country in which you live.

What will the yearly cost be for the house?
The association has a monthly fee of €140 per month following the Thai currency. It includes gardening, water and the large pool maintenance. Each spring, a cost of approximately 20,000 THB will be charged for the accounting of  your company. In addition, you can sign a separate agreement with the company that manages the area, to make regular monthly checks and cleaning of your house plus arrival and departure cleaning. Other optional services: Pest Control, Internet – several of the houses have already installed fiber (costs about 10,000 THB / year).

Can I talk to the owner directly?
Yes, once you’ve decided to move on and really are interested. In order for us to get you in contact with the owner, you will need to fill in the contact form, located under the heading Contact. Our association has a so-called Management Agreement that each owner has signed and you also must read and sign this agreement in order to buy a house. The Management Agreement document will be sent to you as a PDF if you are determined to go ahead with a possible purchase.

Per Frisk +46707422100, thai +66800391619 or Peter Larsson +46708119314.